Roughneck Resources

Roughneck Resources (dba) is our manufacturing division of Roughneck Radiator that strictly focuses on new builds of air cooled heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

We are an ASME code shop with  "U" and "R" stamp certification, providing top quality products that meet your company's specifictions.

We have 60,000 sq ft of shop on over 7 acres, enabling us to take on large orders with a dependable lead time

Our assembly line process allows us to provide the best value in lead time, quality and pricing to the customer.

Engineering:   All thermal and mechanical designs are performed in house with guaranteed process performance, utilizing HTRI thermal rating program, coupled with the latest SOLID WORKS 3-D modeling and computer aided drafting programs.

Customer Service:    We assure that our customer's are provided the best design and fabricated equipment tailored for their specifications. 

We have state of the art equipment that includes:

  1. A Haeusler Hybrid Drive System HHDS Four roll plate roller
  2. A Messer Hi-Def 10x20 plasma table
  3. An Esab Long Seam Welder
  4. Fronius and Miller Welding machines

This allows us to do all of our work in house.

  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Quality Control Team
  • Safety Team
  • Certified Welders